Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Apostille Services and More with Europlaw Group

The apostille certificate is used to legalise a document for use in another country. It is essentially document legalization services. The apostille certificate is a small square certificate that is attached to another document. The apostile confirms that a government form, signature, seal or stamp on a document is genuine. Apostille certificates is a valid legal document that finds many uses:
Within each country many different government bodies, organisations and individuals may ask for documents to be issued with an apostille certificate. These are required to be furnished in cases of marriage, employment, proof of qualifications, opening bank accounts, to prove identity, buying/selling overseas property, overseas assets, power of attorney and boat sales. Europlaw Group offers apostille services.
Europlaw Group is a boutique consultancy that is focussed to offer an integrated boutique one stop solution to international customers and investors, with the aim to provide and achieve specific offerings and goals within each one of them. International Affiliation Europlaw Group is a recognised member of the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats). The International Association of Lawyers. Europlaw Group employs lawyers, auditors, investment bankers, escrow agents and real estate experts who work hand in hand. This offers you concentrated know-how for almost all types of business and legal cases. Integrity, dedication, experience and ambition. By way of our proximity to the corporate world and our excellent legal expertise, Europlaw LAWYERS can get more done for you – in all industries and all areas of the law, both in the region and internationally.
Our Elder law attorneys advise you across the whole range of business law. From employment law to competition law, from clearly defined local challenges to complicated transnational projects, you can be sure that the right experts will advise you on the correct answers and solutions regarding your transactions and legal questions.  We focus on tailor-made concepts and individual solutions – at a fair price. 

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